Monday, 26 October 2009

Helping to reduce Credit card and loan repayments

I have been working too hard in the last couple of weeks and as such did not have the time to come down here and post a few of my normal piece. I knew it would be hard and time consuming to be posting regularly, but I thought I won't let that put me off from posting just like everyone else.

What seems to be occupying my time is working with come credit card company here in my little town now that the economy has taken a nose dive. Our focus has been to help people deal with loan and credit card issues. Most of our work is based on the phone - so those having problems with repayments can call us and get advice on how they can arrange for their repayments to be reduced.

The code part of the job is that I spend some times on the phone to the banks - acting as the middle man between both parties.

As part of the service that we offer, the calls too are free. By keeping it free, we are able to serve all members of the society regardless of how deep they with their repayments. Although we still provide services through emails and face-to-face appointments, the majority of our clients always prefer to remain anonymous and talking on the phone provides them that anonymity.

No matter what type of industry you are in, you can always bet on it to see those who are deep in either credit card or loan repayments. So, my advice is the earlier you see help the best and sooner you get out of it.

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